Maria S.
02/08/2019 08:16
Tony was great and very knowledgeable and added a lot to the experience.
Alex L.
27/07/2019 10:55
Tam was extremely friendly, knowledgeable in the tour sites.
Ellen N.
19/07/2019 17:46
Nguyen does a wonderful tour shows us areas and things not on normal tour routine. Highly recommended!
Nadia P.
10/07/2019 12:34
We had an excellent guide and tour.
Wendy L.
05/07/2019 16:50
Such a nice and best combined tour from city attractions and unseen sites. Nice foot massage. :)
Steve and Maria
04/07/2019 11:12
Tam is a very knowledgeable and accommodating tour guide. Highly recommended to everyone.
Jack & Kim
01/07/2019 11:32
It was our first VIETNAM-SHORE-EXCURSIONS.COM experience and we were so happy. We felt that we received a very nice flavor and overview of North Vietnam from the history, how the residents live, local cuisine, cultures...
Helen and Tim
29/06/2019 20:00

Fabulous tour. Very knowledgeable and accommodating. This tour couldn't have been better.

Wei L.
25/06/2019 10:00
Grear job, Tony.
Sean M.
22/06/2019 11:44
Tam is very knowledgeable about the history of the temples. He was great at explaining the architecture, culture, customs... etc. He is friendly, personable and flexible. English is excellent. Highly recommended.
Lim Lee
16/06/2019 09:01
Tam is a great guide, very flexible and accommodating. He has a very good knowledge of  his city "Saigon and Mekong Delta - River". 
Cathleen F.
13/06/2019 11:46
Nguyen was an excellent tour guide and he accomodated our request for a modified tour of Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tau City.